Colombia Vally Jesus Fest!

Warrior of Faith had a wonderful, Holy Spirit filled time at Kendall’s first annual Jesus Fest .

We were blessed with an opportunity to pray for people as well as God opening doors for warriors to minister to more Youth Groups.

Jesus is Alive!, and it was so evident when I saw so many wonderful Christians hungry for fellowship and to spread the word of God. We are hoping to play a more active role in this event next year.

There is so much we can do when we all come together as one Church, God’s church, the one that resides in our heart.

We all must stand strong and fight all the attacks of our enemy, Satan; he wants to divide us, he wants to keep us down and to turn our eyes away from God. Just remember, you already have victory! Fight my brothers and sisters… Fight on!


No Formula

One Night at our weekly bible study, “Men’s Night out with Christ”, I came with the intention of finding a formula to help Christians develop a closer and more fulfilling relationship with Christ, and ultimately become a Warrior of Faith, However… Christ was present and speaking much louder than I was.

The truth is, brothers and sisters, that there is no formula, no structure, no organization or calculation that brings a person to Christ. Believe it or not, Christ can do it without our help!

So instead of searching for a formula, I can only share my journey in hopes that my experiences and relationship with Christ might be used by Him to help someone else in their journey.

I had not been to church regularly for a long time. One sunny day about 4 years ago I drove by a Church (I had driven by hundreds of churches in the past) that seemed to draw me to it, I cannot explain the feeling other than feeling similar to being hungry, and this feeling overtakes your every thought until you are fed. I don’t know…..maybe this has something to do with it?

John: 54-57: But anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise that person at the last day. For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. Anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him.

My first step was the intervention of the Holy Spirit leading me to that church.

Regularly attending that church combined with starting to open the bible and talking to other Christians led me to the second step – wanting to be baptized, publically accepting Christ as my lord and savior and to be born again as a new man in and of Christ.

After being baptized, I was definitely aware that Christ was alive within me… Awesome… All my troubles would be over, Christ will do all the dirty work now. YA RIGHT! … Guess what?? I just angered Satan who carries a big stick!! Welcome to the start of “Warrior” training school.

The third step is to be prepared for Satan to kick your butt and Christ to allow challenges that will ultimately bring you closer to him. Unfortunately it is very difficult for a new (ANY) Christian, but one thing is for sure, both hurt – bad!

So right after you are baptized you will not have enough time to say Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom! You will be bombarded with challenges, temptation, confusion, obstacles, troubles, adversity and so much more, (sounds great right?) and this brings us to the forth step.

How do I go to battle so unprepared? Battle??? Wait a minute…  I just joined this army! Stop whining and start preparing! Preparation is not just one thing; it is a combination of things. Now more than ever you need to pray and speak to your father Jesus Christ, open His word and keep reading the book that holds so many answers to the 10,000 questions that you will have.

For me, one of the most important parts of gathering armor to fight as a “Warrior” has been my brothers. Find a bible study to get involved with, start a group to have coffee with once a week. I do not care where you gather so long as Christ is in the middle of the gathering, but surround yourself with other Christian brothers (for you gals, sisters), Warriors that will help slay the enemy in time of battle. Only a fool goes into battle alone.

This brings us to the fifth step. During your battles an amazing thing has been happening without you even knowing it, Christ’s unconditional love, strength and grace is growing more and more within you.

You have been so busy fighting “new” battles (like you didn’t have enough already) as a result of your faith that you have not had time to work on your own issues, ego, pride, lust, selfishness, patience, drugs, alcohol, anger, jealousy, etc…. How long do you want me to go on? You might ask, how do I even start to address all of my own issues? Well guess what, you do not have to, you are a son of God, he will give you the strength to overcome these issues, through faith, yes I said it… God will give you the strength to overcome them! God has already been working on them/you as you were in battle, in those battles of challenges, temptation, confusion, obstacles, troubles, adversity and so much more your faith and relationship has been growing. Your job now is making the right choices to keep the relationship growing, unfortunately every worldly, sinning part of you will urge you to remain where you are or even backslide in your faith. FIGHT, my brother and sister, you are a “Warrior” now.

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

You see, so long as you do not let your faith become complacent, you become closer to Christ. His love and everything that is within and results from true and pure love, will be working through him and within you. Put all your trust in God and he will deliver you from any chains that may bind you.

Your enemy at this point, brother, will be “Complacency”. Do not accept where you are as it relates to your faith and relationship with Christ because you will never be where you should be until you are with him.

I love all my brothers and sisters and I hope there might be a nugget that you might find within my experience.

I have no idea how God will work in your life but I promise there are great things in store if you become a Warrior, and keep your faith growing, NOT maintaining, but growing. Unfortunately that is a choice that you must make, but your reward of making the right choices will be to one day stand before your Father, experiencing a peace and joy that no language can express or brain can imagine… You are a “WARRIOR”!

God Bless
Brian T. (Taz)